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Do It: Sewn Heart Garland

Heart Garland DIYAh, Valentine’s Day. The first few February 14ths with your boyfriend/girlfriend are filled with chocolates and pre-fix menus at your favorite restaurant where you pay twice the price for the same food. After being married a while, you get smarter and go out on the 13th for the cheaper menu, save your money, and buy the expensive pint of ice cream as a special treat. And let me tell you, that $11.99 artisanal pint of salted caramel ice cream is WORTH IT.

As you stay home shoving your face with ice cream, relax under a handmade paper heart garland chandelier. Produced for HGTV (see it here!),this paper heart garland project is easy, fast, and cheap. Hopefully not like you on your first date.

Heart Garland DIYHeart Garland DIY


  1. Punch out the hearts. I punched all of the same size heart on the same color paper.
  2. Sew your garlands together. One strand will be all red hearts, another strand will be all striped hearts…etc. Use the longest stitch setting on your machine.
  3. Tape each garland to the ceiling above your dining table set for two.
  4. Set your table: My favorite pink candles!

Heart Garland DIY

Heart Garland DIY

Heart Garland DIYHeart Garland DIYHeart Garland DIY

Heart Garland DIY

 Photos by brklyn view photography

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