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DIY Placecards for a Backyard Wedding

When you think of “backyard wedding”, do plastic tablecloths, mud, and too much wind come to mind? Forget all of that, and let me show you how a backyard wedding can be styled to be classic, formal, with a bit of whimsy, and completely windproof. Specifically, we are talking about place cards today. The name plates that assign each guest a chair, place cards are typically only used for very formal events or when using long tables. Let’s turn tradition on it’s head and do a place card for a slightly casual yet dressy backyard wedding.

I used my Cricut to create place cards that would be fun, pretty, and most importantly, wind proof. Because when designing any type of event outdoors, whether a wedding or a birthday party, your decor needs to stay put in any weather. I decided to use a heavier material, kraft board, and then layer it four times for each place card. This made a very sturdy piece that felt expensive (even though it wasn’t) and won’t blow away (because that would be tragic).

For this project you’ll need:

Cricut Machine. I used a Maker 3, but you could also use an Explore Air 3

Kraft Board in metallics

Kraft Board in black

Strong grip mat

I used Design Space to design the place card. On my computer, I’m able to use the curve text function to slightly curve the text. Next, I used the offset function three times to create the layers. I cut each layer out of a different color of kraft board and glued them together with a glue stick.

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