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DIY candy and flower centerpiece

When Oriental Trading asked me to design a wedding centerpiece that incorporates candy, I did what any self-respecting designer does when given a new assignment: searched Pinterest.

And…well…it wasn’t pretty. There are good ideas out there for using candy to decorate traditional baby showers and kid’s birthday parties. But for an event such as a wedding that wants to walk the fine line between unconventional and formal? What I found was less than inspiring.

Challenge accepted, Oriental Trading.

Candy4 Candy5
Out of the box materials should be kept simple and clean. Use them in one, two, or three colors max to keep the decor sophisticated. That being said, are you going for the opposite of sophisticated? Then use every color of the rainbow. For this project, my goal was to show how you can use a non-traditional material such as candy in a traditional floral arrangement while still keeping the centerpiece formal with a bit of quirky thrown in for good measure.

Candy6 Candy7
Candy8 Candy9

You can get the full instructions over on the Oriental Trading blog. Basically, glue candy sticks to your containers. Wire in some black and white swirl lollipops. Fill with flowers of your choosing. OR – find that one crazy florist in your area that loves doing kooky stuff and send her the link to this post. 


Candy13 Candy14

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