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DIY Boutonniere project for West Elm

West Elm (I know, I still kind of think it’s a dream) asked me to design a boutonniere project using their paper flowers. West Elm! Paper flowers! Just like the trend of Ugg boots, these boutonniere’s won’t die. You’ll have it forever to stash away in your Wedding Memories box that will live in your attic. You’ll pull it down each year, just like my mom does, and go through each trinket. You’ll think about how you spent less money than your morning iced latte and less time than it takes to cook dinner to make a whimsical, bright boutonniere. Then you’ll remind yourself how awesome you are. Confidence builder and forever-lasting flowers? Yes please.

Cost: $6 per boutonniere

Time: 15 minutes

Materials: West Elm paper flowers, hot glue gun, felt, scissors, alligator/pin backs

Step 1 // Cut the paper flower off of the stem. Step 2 // Cut a circle out of the felt that is slightly larger than your pin back. Step 3 // Cover the pin back with hot glue. Step 4 // Press the felt circle into the hot glue. Step 5 // More hot glue please. Step 6 // Attach the leaf and flower to the felt. DONE.

Thanks for having me, West Elm! Oh, and like every twist and turn on Law & Order: SVU, it gets better. I also made a wedding bouquet and boutonniere featuring their air plants and paper flowers and real flowers all mixed together that didn’t make it onto their main blog. I’ll be sharing it here later this week.

Photos by brklyn view








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