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Die Cut Save The Date with Cricut

Today starts a series of a bunch of projects that I designed specifically for the Cricut machine. Do you know about the Cricut machine? No?! Well then grab a refreshment, take a seat, and listen up.

Cricut has a powerful reputation in the craft world for being used by preschool teachers and scrapbookers. Basically, it die cuts paper. Last year, they released the Cricut Explore, which in my opinion, is a game changer to the DIY world. Especially to the DIY wedding world. This new machine can cut through thousands of materials as thin as vellum to as thick as stuff leather. Their online software, Design Space, is pre-loaded with thousands of shapes that you can purchase for $.99 and cut as many times as you want. Just how you are on your 105th play of that guilty pleasure song you bought on itunes.

The coolest part of Design Space and the Cricut Explore is that it will cut custom designs. Honestly, most of the designs, fonts, and shapes that are pre-loaded into Design Space for purchase are…um….not that great. BUT…with the ability to cut any custom design, you can make your own super cool wedding details.

I designed this custom save the date for the Cricut Explore machine for you to make at home. Crack open that machine, start a netflix marathon of New Girl, and grab a snack. Once you’ve got your machine set-up, purchase the artwork for the save the date in Design Space and get to cutting.

Materials Needed

Cricut Explore Machine

12″x12″ cardstock (one sheet per save the date)

5″ x 5″ photo (one per save the date)

Some fun stickers


Cricut Scoring Stylus


Cut out the save the date on the Cricut. Look how cute it is with the letters cut out!

Fold the triangle flaps into the center.

Place a printed photograph of yourselves (do you see those young love birds in the photos? Yep. Those are my engagement photos.) with your wedding date printed on the back inside of the save the date.

Stick closed with a cute sticker.


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  1. Rhylee says:

    Help! I’m making these STD cards, but is there any way to rotate the words??

    Thank you

  2. Kiley says:

    How do you print the wedding info inside?

    • michelle says:

      I printed the wedding date onto the back of the photograph. Most printers can print double sided. If yours can’t, print a sticker with your wedding date and put it on the back of the photo or inside of that bottom flap.