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Chloe and Will / Wedding at Weylin

Chloe and Will were married in the early spring at Weylin’s in Williamsburg Brooklyn. It was one of those odd spring days that was unseasonable warm and mild outside. We took advantage of the time of the year by using the most beautiful blooms available in March. I bet you didn’t know that March has the best flowers? Yep. It does.

Bright magenta anemones, jasmine vine, intricate ranunculus, and even super dark scabiosa brought their jewel-toned color palette to life. We worked with Polka Dot Events to create an intimate, luxurious, celebration at Weylins. This venue is pretty amazing by itself. It was converted from the Williamsburg Savings Bank and holds most of it’s original details. From the insane domed ceiling to the wall paper to even the toilet paper roll holders in the bathroom – no detail was left untouched during it’s renovation.

We used the venue as design inspiration for this wedding. Sequin tablecloths from Nuage linens, oversized candelabras, elevated grand centerpieces, and metallic decor details throughout complimented the antique marble space.

The most grand piece of decor was the four sided chuppah completely covered in saturated florals and greens. The round rooms of Weylin’s were perfect for a ceremony in the round. We placed the chairs all around the chuppah that sat up on a clean white stage.

Enjoy scrolling through these images by Levi Stolove Photography.


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