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Round Up: The Best Guestbooks

My top 10 picks for modern wedding guestbooks for all of you brides and grooms out there. The point of the guestbook is, well, exactly what it sounds like: to have a place for guests to record that they were present at your wedding. Some guests will simply write their name. Some will write a whole message. Others will draw pictures. Years from your wedding, you’ll be able to flip through to remember everyone who celebrated with you.

You can go simple, like #3, with a blank book for everyone to write you a message. With some planning, you can do #1, and print a photo album of your relationship for guests to experience. For a more tactile approach, a vintage typewriter like #9 will give your guests a fun surprise moment while they type out a loving message for your marriage.

I like #6 as a piece that you can display in your home after the wedding. Customize it with the day of your first date, first I love you, and engagement date. Have your guests sign their names all around the dates.

For a more minimal couple, #10 would look awesome styled on the built-ins in your living room. Put out slips of paper for guests to write their messages on to drop in the box.

Your guestbook is one of the easiest things to cross off of your to-do list. Order it now, pack it up, and it’s one less things to think about. While you are at it, don’t forget the pens, instax camera and film (if you are doing that option), and a pretty pen cup.

  1. Artifact Uprising Guestbook
  2. Self-Adhesive Photo Album
  3. Modern Guest Book
  4. Kolo Photo Album
  5. Minimal Guestbook
  6. Date Sign
  7. Heart Drop Frame
  8. Jenga Set
  9. Typewriter
  10. Brass Box
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Top 22 Bud Vases

Every florist on this earth has had the client come to them, me included, with this statement: “Can we just do a few bud vases on each table?”

If your tables are 30″ round high boys, sure. I’d love to make some banging bud vases and decorate those cocktail tables like there is no tomorrow. Although, more often than not, the tables in question are 60″ or 72″ rounds. A few bud vases in the center of a dining table that large is going to look….empty. So empty. Almost, sad even.

They only work as the main centerpiece if they are used in abundance (nine or more, which at that point, same price as a compote design), or extremely modern and minimal ON PURPOSE (not to just save money). My favorite use for bud vases are accents: throw a few on the ends of a long rectangle table to fill in the space or style them underneath an elevated design to bring flowers to eye level. Also: bathrooms, accent the escort table, side tables in a lounge, and cocktail tables.

Here are some examples where we used bud vases as fill-in for tables. In bulk, like the white and blue image, the bud vases work because they are all the same white color (see #1 below for my top secret source for the best and cheapest bud vases) and hold bold, short florals. In the photo with the palm, we wanted to bring some color and shine to the table. We needed to leave room for family style platters, so clear bud vases spray painted gold were the way to go.

Here, bud vases were used to bring nature to a buffet table. Don’t forget about the food displays! They need floral love too. Bud vases are small, inexpensive, and the perfect way to do that:

My favorite top 22 bud vases. Why 22? Who knows. That was the number that I could find shopable on the web that I liked and weren’t $75 per bud vase. Because that’s crazytown.

1) White Porcelain Vase, 2) Embossed Bud Vase, 3) Platinum Bud Vase, 4) Stem Bud Vase Gold, 5) Honeycomb Studio Bud Vases, 6) Dipped Pink Bud Vase, 7) Three Piece Hat Trick Bud Vases, 8) Bud Ceramic Vases, 9) Tessa Vase, 10) Bottle Bud Vases, 11) Brass Test Tube Vases, 12) Bottle Vases with Wood Holder, 13) Etched Glass Vase, 14) Cloche Bud Vase, 15) Ink Well Bud Vase, 16) Enamel Vase, 17) Black Small Bottle Vase, 18) Persian Blue Bud Vase, 19) Translucent Bubble Vases, 20) Concrete and Copper Bud Vases, 21) Enamel Vases, 22) Bright Ceramists Vases,


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Top 15 Geometric Lanterns

One look at this website and it’s obvious: I love geometrics. Anything with straight lines, angles, and sharp points is the butter on my bread. Which means, I’ve been a happy camper since geometrics in weddings has become all the rage. It’s the coolest thing on the block. Geometric everything is all over the web. Triangle escort cards, hexagon backdrops, and my favorite: geometric lanterns. I recently decorated a huge (340 guests!) wedding in the Hamptons that was all about the geometric lantern. We used #5 for the votives, #14 to line the aisle, and something similar to #2 for the pillars on the tables.

You know how many hours it took me to source the perfect geometric lanterns for this wedding? Approximately 3.5 episodes of Orange is the New Black. I practically went on every single home decor website on in the world. Yes, THE WORLD, #10 will be shipped to you directly from the UK. And thanks to Brexit, they are probably cheaper then when I purchased a few last month. Lucky you!

So, here ya go. My top 15 Geometric Lanterns for your purchasing pleasure. Use them with candles. Make terrariums in them. Keep them simple by adding one airplant for an industrial garden feeling.

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