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DIY Placecards for a Backyard Wedding

When you think of “backyard wedding”, do plastic tablecloths, mud, and too much wind come to mind? Forget all of that, and let me show you how a backyard wedding can be styled to be classic, formal, with a bit of whimsy, and completely windproof. Specifically, we are talking about place cards today. The name plates that assign each guest a chair, place cards are typically only used for very formal events or when using long tables. Let’s turn tradition on it’s head and do a place card for a slightly casual yet dressy backyard wedding.

I used my Cricut to create place cards that would be fun, pretty, and most importantly, wind proof. Because when designing any type of event outdoors, whether a wedding or a birthday party, your decor needs to stay put in any weather. I decided to use a heavier material, kraft board, and then layer it four times for each place card. This made a very sturdy piece that felt expensive (even though it wasn’t) and won’t blow away (because that would be tragic).

For this project you’ll need:

Cricut Machine. I used a Maker 3, but you could also use an Explore Air 3

Kraft Board in metallics

Kraft Board in black

Strong grip mat

I used Design Space to design the place card. On my computer, I’m able to use the curve text function to slightly curve the text. Next, I used the offset function three times to create the layers. I cut each layer out of a different color of kraft board and glued them together with a glue stick.

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DIY Bride Denim Jacket

It’s August, and here in NYC, that means it’s the small break between Spring and Fall weddings. So what’s the best thing to do with that break? Make DIY wedding items, of course. No better piece of fashion for a Fall wedding than a diy bride denim jacket to wear over your gown. It’s that mesh between formal and casual that does it for me.

I have a client that booked their wedding in a venue that is, essentially, a giant industrial blank box. For me, that means that I have full create control to do whatever (WHATEVER) I dream up. No ugly ballroom carpets to contend with or unremovable crystal chandeliers. We’ve decided to do a mix of bohemian meets industrial meets colorful. To bring that aesthetic into her fashion, I’ve made her a denim jacket that says Bride on the back. We’ve got the industrial piece in the fitted vintage denim, patterned flowers for a touch of bohemian, and a rainbow text treatment.

I designed a custom decal for the jacket in Design Space, cut it on my Cricut, used my heat press to attach the vinyl to the jacket…and voilĂ ! The perfect piece for a very instagrammable photo op on her wedding day.

And yes, that’s me modeling it at the end of this post. You’re welcome.

What you’ll need for this project:

Cricut (I used a Maker 3, but any machine will do)

EasyPress 2

Everyday Iron-on

Vintage Denim jacket (I found mine on Poshmark)

Essentials Tool Kit


When layering iron-on vinyl, the most important thing is to make sure that the pieces you are pressing aren’t on top of each other’s clear plastic film. To avoid that, I iron pieces on in sections that are furthest away from each other.

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One tier wedding cake paper flower topper

Are you planning a small wedding (because of Covid or otherwise) and bummed that you won’t need a tiered wedding cake? Because you wouldn’t pay for a cake that feeds 200 people for only 30 guests. I mean, you’d get to eat wedding cake for breakfast everyday for probably a year, but your freezer would really be full. A one tier wedding cake can still look chic with your own DIY touch. Using my Cricut Maker, I created the prettiest paper flowers to decorate a one tier wedding cake for an intimate wedding. Follow along, get inspired, and make your own:

Supplies that you’ll need:


  • Use the peony and the aster flower crown projects in Design Space
  • Size the flowers to fit your cake
  • Cut them in the cardstock colors of your choice
  • Follow the directions in each project on how to glue the pieces together
  • Style them on your cake the morning of your wedding

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