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Alt Summit is the best place ever.


On Sunday, I got back from the Altitude Summit in Salt Lake City. Otherwise knows as The Best Conference Ever, Alt Summit was all of my favorite internet people in one hotel for four nights and four days of complete awesomeness. Even though we were all definitely nervous, by the last day we were all best friends. Ok, maybe we weren’t all best friends, but every person who took a few minutes to talk to me is now considered my best friend, wether they like it or not.

Today the huge contrast between the big and beautiful and spacious Grand America hotel and the cramped, hot quarters of the New York City subway system became all too apparent when a gazillion people bumped in to me and I had no personal space. I so wanted to be back at Alt, surrounded by a ton of rad, design people who all immediately got what each other was about.

So, instead of having a life crisis over the smelly, uncomfortable subway, I thought about this great moment that Tabitha caught for me. It finally started to snow in Salt Lake City. I just ate a freakin’ delicious cookie after scoring a silk blazer for $3 at a local thrift store. This is what Alt Summit felt like to me:

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  1. Lindsey says:

    haha, I was kind of curious what was going to be in the video and you just made me laugh out loud after seeing it…so cute!

  2. Moss + Isaac says:

    Hi! We didn’t get to meet at alt 🙁 but I saw you on the pinterest board. I LOVE your work…CJ and I are wedding photographers here in NYC and would love to work with you sometime! Your site is adorable!! Anyways, send us a message sometime and let’s get coffee! -Leigh Anna

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