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10 ways to DIY a store bought wreath for HGTV

Living in Brooklyn, my front door goes to a dimly lit hallway. This is not a great environment for a beautiful, all natural, greenery wreath to thrive. I tried having a real, live evergreen wreath once. Every time the door opened it shed a bunch of sad needles all over the ground. It was dying a slow death being in a dark hallway all day long.

Enter my new obsession: Adding decor to faux wreaths. Easily purchased for super cheap at a local craft store (or Amazon prime, because, who are we kidding, I order everything on Amazon), choose from a natural looking evergreen or a grapevine and get glueing.

HGTV asked me to create 10 easy ways to jazz up a store bought wreath. Too bad I don’t have ten doors available for decorating, because each one of these is the modern, cool wreath of my dreams.

See them all up in gallery form on HGTV.

mylar_balloon_mini_wreathSilver_bow_wreat Greenery_Christmas_wreath airplant_wreath_holidayHoneycomb_holiday_wreath Neon_christmas_wreath modern_white_christmas_wreath

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