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How to Incorporate DIY Decor into a Luxury Wedding

Today we are talking about luxury weddings. The term “luxury” wedding kind of turns me off, although it’s industry speak for any wedding where the budget is over a certain amount. That amount doesn’t really matter, because it could get you everything you’ve wanted in one town and barely anything in NYC. I like to use the term “luxury” when speaking about weddings to describe an event that certain vendors were hired that are not a necessity. Specifically, for the case of this post, event designers and wedding planners. An event designer and a wedding planner are NOT necessities when planning your wedding – therefore, they could feel like a luxurious thing to spend money on. Sort of when I pay the extra $15 for a fancy gel nail design or buy the guacamole that’s pre-made in the store. Sure, I could have done my own nails or made my own guacamole, but I was being all luxury by paying someone else to do it.

So, going forward, a luxury wedding is, to me, a wedding where money was spent on a wedding planner who offers design and/or an event designer. But, you ask, “what if I still want to DIY some decor?”, “will I be able to craft my favors simply because I want to?”

Of course you can. DIY decor definitely has a place in a fully designed wedding. Here are my favorite places to infuse some of that crafty goodness in a luxury wedding:

The place cards. I love DIY place cards because they can be made ahead of time. They are the little name cards that assign a guest to their individual seat (not to be confused with escort cards, which assign a guest to a table). You don’t need to wait until your RSVPs come in to get started on these. So what if you make a few extra for people who decide not to come. I recommend looking into doing handwriting on ceramic tiles, die cut paper on a Cricut machine, or digitally printed folded cards.

The signage. Along with the place cards, signs can be made well in advance of your wedding. Stain a big piece of wood and paint a welcome message for your guests. Sew some felt letters onto canvas to make a whimsical banner. Design coordinating signs for the bar, print onto cardstock, and display in a pretty frame.

Favors. Often given to guests on the way out, your favors are a great place to get creative with your DIY skills. Even if that means simply wrapping up treats in pretty packaging, a DIY favor is a personalized way to extend your gratitude to all of your loved ones celebrating with you.

Anywhere else. Let your event designer and planner know if you have a special DIY skill that you want to use for the wedding. Great at graphic design? Love doing woodwork? Know how to calligraph? They can help you brainstorm ideas on where you can get creative for your wedding using the skills you already have. It doesn’t matter if you spend a million dollars on your wedding, the best wedding decor are the items that have sentimental value to you, and often those are DIY projects by you or a loved one.

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Wedding at the Bowery Hotel | Alison and Andrew

A wedding at the Bowery Hotel was the perfect way to spend a warm summer day last year. Allison and Andrew were married in a whimsical, beautiful wedding surrounded by dahlias, sunflowers, and freesia.

Their chuppah, styled in front of the grand fireplace at the Bowery Hotel, was decorated with kitchy props that reflected their personalities, travels, and hobbies. It was such a cute idea! Scroll down to see how we hung them on the chuppah to seamlessly blend in with their wedding flowers. I can confidently say that this was, and probably will be, the only wedding with a hand weight, cowboy hat, wooden spoon, and chopsticks on their chuppah.

Thumbs up to everyone doing things their own way.

Photos by A Heart String Wedding Co.

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Strawberry Bridal Shower with Cricut and Martha Stewart

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

When two of my favorite DIY brands got together and asked me to produce some fun wedding related content for them HOW COULD I SAY NO. Martha Stewart has released speciality Cricut items that are only available at Michael’s. Oh yea, I forgot about Michael’s too. So my three favorite DIY brands in one post. How magical. In all transparency, they are paying me for this post and sent me all of these amazing materials and tools. I wouldn’t tell you that I loved something if I didn’t, because leading someone down the wrong path for craft projects is basically a sin. Especially for your wedding or a wedding related event.

It’s berry season! Have you noticed? Those pints of organic strawberries used to be $7.99 and now they are $1.99. What a glorious time of year! I took advantage of the early summer berries to design a modern strawberry bridal shower using the Cricut Explore Air 2 Martha Stewart Edition and a Martha Stewart materials bundle. I wish I could link you to the materials bundle, but it’s not up on yet. When it is, I promise I’ll update this post, because the idea to release materials in bundles is freakin’ genius. In a bundle, like the one I used for this shower, you get a few sheets of cardstock, some vinyl, some transfer tape, and maybe something else. It’s just enough to complete a fun, dimensional project. Instead of buying a whole roll of vinyl when you only need one sheet, the materials bundle comes in and saves the day with just the right amount of vinyl you need.

For this bridal shower I made three DIY projects on the Martha Stewart Cricut: paper leaves to accent the strawberry table runner, custom vinyl name placecards, and cute strawberry favor boxes. All of the materials (with the exception of the red cardstock) where from one of the Martha Stewart material bundles (link for this coming ASAP).

I applied the vinyl right onto the table. First, I wanted to put the vinyl on the paper table runner that I laid down, but the transfer tape ripped up the wrapped paper I used. SO. Onto plan B, where I applied the vinyl names right onto the table surface.

The table runner is a roll of wrapping paper that I laid down the center of the table. Clever, huh? It gave a surface for the strawberries to rest on, wasn’t fabric so I could throw it out after the party in case of juice stains from the berries, and it looked super modern. Instead of real foliage, I cut some on the Cricut out of cardstock and slightly curled up the edges of the leaves with my fingers.

Materials used in this Bridal Shower:

Cricut Explore Air 2 Martha Stewart Edition

Martha Stewart Materials Bundle

Red cardstock

Black and white striped wrapping paper

Silver flatware (similar)

Silver rimmed dishes (similar)

Black cloth napkins with red edge (similar)

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