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Cricut Maker Review

Do you consider yourself a maker? Someone who would rather spend a ton more money and time making something themselves then purchasing it pre-made? Does your heart start beating faster when you walk into Michael’s and Home Depot? Do you look at a piece of copper tubing and see a plant stand? Or walk through a fabric store and buy hundreds of dollars of fabrics you don’t need?

I’m a maker. Now I get the chance to make custom decor for clients who are throwing unconventional, memorable celebrations. You can do the same for your clients too. Or even for your own wedding. The Cricut Maker is changing the game when it comes to the possibilities that people who characterize themselves as “makers” can create in their own homes.

This post is sponsored. I know, I know. #ad #sellout #lame #sponsored #annoying

The Cricut Maker is the third machine that the company has sent me. It’s also the most amazing. And I’m not just saying that. The designers have put thought into every nook and cranny to creating a making experience that is inspiring and easy. For example, I use their design program, Design Space, on my ipad, which bluetooths to the machine. The Maker now has a slot to put my ipad in so it’s no longer taking up valuable desk space. I mean, genius.

You guys know that I love my Cricut. I’ve made save the dates, covered an entire wall with paper leaves, and even made the coolest geometric table numbers. My creating is about to blow the roof off this joint. The Cricut Maker is where it’s at if you want to create one-of-a-kind decor for events.

The older machine, the Cricut Air, is great for cutting and writing on paper. You can make really anything you want out of any kind of thin or thick paper with that machine. But with the Cricut Maker, you now have the ability to cut fabric, and when the knife blade comes out, will be able to cut through super thick balsa wood.

The possibilities! Balsa wood die cut place cards? Custom felt coasters? The prettiest, sheer, fabric butterflies floating over your dance floor?

For people who call themselves makers, like myself, the Cricut Maker is a must have.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Gifts for people who love geometrics

Gift guide for people who love geometrics. This is my favorite gift guide. As I’m sure you can see by the branding on this site, I have a soft spot for geometric anything. The clean lines, the negative space, and the versatility of geometric shapes let you easily blend this aesthetic into any decor plan.

This past year alone, my studio has produced an oversized geometric installation (to be seen in Martha Stewart next year), a colorful geometric escort board, 3D geodome table numbers, laser cut hexagon place cards, and brought numerous geometric lanterns to a variety of events.

Are you a geometric lover too?


  1. Geometric Lamp 2. Plant Hangers 3. French Press 4. Coasters 5. Geometric Bin 6. Wall Shapes 7. Faceted Terrariums 8. Iphone Case 9. Folded Vase 10. Geometric Necklace
    11. Crop Top 12. Earrings 13. Keds 14. Geometric Socks


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Gifts for people who love rainbows

It’s a gift guide for people who love rainbows. We designed and executed a wedding this year that was 110% rainbows. It was amazing. The amount of bright color we put in their all white venue brought a smile to anyone’s face who walked in there. It’s impossible to be sad when looking at a rainbow.

Here you go, for all your people who have an affinity for Mr. Roy G Biv. Buy these gifts for your coworker who writes in every color except black, for your best friend who is an advocate for the LGBTQ community and covers her backpack in rainbow patches, and for your neighbor who’s house looks like a box of crayola crayons exploded (but in a good way).

1. Rainbow Dress 2. Sneakers 3. Rainbow Sweatshirt 4. Rainbow iphone case 5. Rainbow TShirt 6. Tuft Basket 7. Earrings 8. Neon Lamp 9. Planter 10. Rainbow Ornament 11. Rainbow Mirror 12. Sticky Note pad 13. Fancy Pen

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