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August 19, 2014

I’ve been on this constant mission to make everything in my apartment bright and airy. When Adam moved in six years ago, we mixed his love of dark woods and brown with the vintage, mish-mash style that I loved then. Similar to when my clients are mixing their tastes for their wedding decor, our apartment was both of our past lives coming together. Fast forward to now and I’m no longer drawn to flea market finds. Instead, I want everything to be bright, colorful, geometric, clean, and contemporary. Just like the weddings I design. He is still drawn to exotic woods and neutral colors. While trying to re-design every room in our apartment, our living room rug was one of the darker pieces that I just couldn’t look at anymore.

Planning the decor and flowers for a wedding is exactly like building the look and feel of a home. Both people have styles, colors, and themes that they love, which all have to come together to create a cohesive look that they equally love.

Adam and I perused the RugsUsa website looking for a rug that would match the neutral/teal/brights color scheme we had going on in the living room, was light and airy, easy to clean, geometric, and contemporary. They have a lot of rugs that are inspired by Moroccan design, like the colorful one that we choose. It’s nice to be able to decide on decor pieces for our apartment together, instead of simply living with the choices that each of us made when we lived apart.


















That’s our old rug on the left and the new, awesome, rug on the right. SO MUCH BETTER. Right!?!? It’s amazing what a lighter and brighter piece can do to a room. It’s so much more colorful now. And you know I love me some color. The rug is really soft and plush, which comes in handy when I’m sitting on the floor finishing up last minute projects.

Thanks to RugsUSA, you can win this very same Moroccan inspired rug to brighten up your space. The giveaway is sponsored by RugsUSA and is open to all US residents. The prize is one Berber Moroccan rug in the size of your choice.

To enter:

1. Comment on this post, OR

2. Comment on the instagram photo of this rug.

Contest runs until Tuesday, August 26th at midnight EST. Winner will be notified by email or on instagram within 48 hours. Winner will be randomly chosen.

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  1. Carlye Ignatenko

    This rug is gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Alana

    This rug is beautiful! I hope I win!

  3. Rae

    I love love love this rug.! I need a pick me up in my record room and this would go perfectly with my 1980′s deco paintings! PLEASE pick me!

  4. Eep I LOVE this giveaway and this rug! I would love to win this gorg piece to add to our home!


  5. Alyssa

    I love the colors and this would look great in my apartment!

  6. Ramona

    Super cute rug! It’d be perfect to brighten up my living room!

  7. dude I want this rug so bad!

  8. Ljnda

    Love this post and that new rug!

  9. This rug would go great in my new apartment! :)

  10. Kristin

    Lovely rug! It would be beautfil in my living room!

  11. Nicole Vosburgh

    This rug is stunning! I would love to have it for our family room! Thanks for the chance!

  12. Marsha

    This rug is as cute as a bug in a rug.

  13. Astral riles

    The rug is gorgeous. I’m trying to spruce up my living room and I need this rug in my life right now!!

  14. annalene

    great looking rug! love the design and colors… such a calming color scheme.

  15. alaine

    I’d love to win:)

  16. Dawn Keenan

    This rug would be perfect for my new sunroom. Thanks for the chance!


I’ve asked my favorite wedding pros in the NYC area to tell me all about their experience working on weddings that have hired a wedding designer. Today, we hear from the power couple behind Tree of Life Films. Based in Philly, Jenn and Tom create beautiful videos of creative couples. I personally worked with them on Caitlin & Henry’s wedding at The Green Building. Their video of the wedding blew me away!

Their answer to our question,

Have you worked on a wedding that has also hired a wedding designer or stylist?

If yes, how did having the wedding designer to collaborate with on that wedding impact your work?

Yes! We can always tell when a couple has hired a designer or stylist for their wedding. Everything from the invitation to the escort table and event design has a cohesive feel that enhances the overall beauty of the event. Although weddings aren’t about the details, most couples are looking for those details to enhance their wedding, to give it more personality and make their guests excited and feel part of their special day. We always suggest hiring a designer or stylist to help with details (if within their budget of course) as with their experience and design skills, they will help make their ideas come to life. And it will free up lots of time for the couple so they can focus on other aspects of their day and have less stress! :)

Check out these two videos from Tree of Life Films that feature weddings that hired a wedding designer. Such amazing details and colors!


Giant thanks to Tree of Life Films for sharing their incredible work and opinion on hiring a wedding designer.

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Meg and Jesse. They are literally the coolest ever. Both are professional designers, and therefore, were super fun and creative to work with. Want proof? Check out the below screenshot from their wedding website. The bride created the image herself and they designed the site. It’s like all of my favorite things just threw up all over the computer screen. To see it live,

They were married at the Tuthill House Mill in upstate New York. It’s a quaint, little, family-owned restaurant on a beautiful piece of property complete with a creek and water mill. Amelia Beamish took these superb photos.

They hired me to do Creative Direction and Day-of Styling. These services were perfect for them since Meg is super crafty and wanted to create most of the decor herself. She just needed someone (me) to put all of her ideas into a cohesive PDF, pick a wedding color palette, send her links to my best sources for event decor, and help her make decisions for her wedding based off of the Design Board that I designed. On the day of their wedding, my team and I were there to set everything up and make it look super cool and sparkly. Exactly the look she was going for.



These photos do not do that wedding dress justice. In person, the Sarah Seven dress, was a sparkly dreamboat that shimmered and shined with every step Meg took. It was perfect for her.



GUYS. That’s a disco ball cake. I KNOW. It’s the most magical and amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It’s by Sugar Couture. I want to shove my face in it, that’s how awesome it is.

Congratulations to Meg and Jesse on their heart-filled, sparkly, beautiful, super fun wedding!


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  1. Jenn Haven

    woohoo! :) loved this.

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