First of all, can we all appreciate how amazing this dress is??? When I saw Sabrina in her party dress, I told her I would totally wear that myself, if it came in my size. I’m not sure if a 31 year old pregnant woman wanting to steal her dress was considered a compliment to the newly thirteen year old. Either way, my modern, colorful aesthetic tends to match well with thirteen year old girls. When you see the rad photos from her Bat Mitzvah, you’ll see why. Full of personalized details, metallic gold glitter, confetti, glitter tattoos, and giant balloons, being hired to design Sabrina’s Bat Mitzvah was pretty much a dream come true.

The geniuses behind Clark + Walker Studio captured it all beautifully. The Bat Mitzvah took place at the CV Rich Mansion in White Plains, NY. Hey parents, it has separate areas for kids and parents to spend cocktail hour!!!

We used Sabrina’s favorite sayings as a constant design element throughout the party. Each guest received a button, which matched to their table name.


Mazel Tov to Sabrina and the Bernstein Family! Every great party needs confetti cannons. Am I right, or am I right?


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photo by Alexis Brooks

Everyone, this is Julie. She is a super rad gal who has been working with me for the past year and a half on pre-production and event day set-up. If you’ve worked with me on an event before, you’ve seen her smiling face and impeccable style decorating with our modern decor and whimsical florals. 

She has recently been promoted to Assistant Designer. Yay Julie! I’m giving myself a maternity leave of July 15 – September 30th. During that time, Julie will be your go-to girl for all things Michelle Edgemont design and floral. She’ll be the one on the other side of the emails, taking care of our social media, and keeping things running smoothly while I tend to a little baby human. 

We will still be booking events, weddings, styling gigs, floral work, and DIY projects while I’m on maternity leave. The response time might be ever so slightly slower, although our commitment to modern, colorful, whimsical events will never falter. 

Please give a warm welcome to Julie! She can be reached at

Tell me a little about yourself. What do you like to do for fun/eat/listen to/visit?

I am a Texan by birth, New Yorker by choice, lover of art, avid photographer, dance machine and fashion fiend. I have an MA in Contemporary Art and have seven years of public relations experience in fashion and art. When “PR-Julie” was not the Julie I envisioned for myself, I reevaluated and quit my job. I have always been the party curator of my group of friends (you can always find something to celebrate!) so I decided to pursue event design and planning. This new career path has fulfilled me in ways I never would have thought.

My idea of fun is anything and everything with my rag-tag group of friends. Either that be exploring the city, getting away from the city or just sitting around, cracking a beer and entertaining each other. We find fun and hilarity in every moment.

As for food, I am lucky (or unlucky for my waist line) to live across from Brooklyn Star. My husband and I snag a place at the bar and each get a Chicken Fried Steak and a Smoked Old Fashion. My mouth is watering just from typing this.

On to music! Every morning starts with WBGO Jazz FM and a large cup of coffee. As for new music, I love Django Django and Local Natives but I love classics like Elvis, Crosby, Stills and Nash and I have a guilty pleasure for Tom Jones…Do yourself a favor and youtube his videos now.

What do you love about living in Brooklyn?

I have lived in NY for 12 years, in different neighborhoods, and there is something therapeutic in crossing that bridge and walking down my tree lined street. I feel a real sense of community in my neighborhood. People take pride in their homes, sit on their porches and smile at you when you walk by. I feel like the NYC pace slows a bit but the people are just as vibrant or even more so!

How beautiful was Julie on her wedding day!?!??! Photo by Dave Robbins Photography

What are your favorite things about working in weddings?

I can not think of a job that more rewarding than being asked to curate someone’s most important day. My favorite moment, and it’s an honor, is seeing those few seconds the bride takes before walking down the aisle. Witnessing her deep breath before those last (or first) few steps always, with out fail, brings tears to my eyes. Happy tears!!

What was the best part of your own wedding?

Feeling the immense amount of love in the room as I walked down the aisle on the arm of the first man in my life and seeing the rest of my life waiting for me at the end.

And our DJ rocked!

Any advice to couples going through the wedding design and planning process?

Have fun during the process! Have a drink while scrolling through itunes as you pick your wedding music, laugh while you plan your seating assignments, grab coffees and walk through the flower market, take nights off from planning to enjoy and hold each other. Enjoy being engaged! I was with my husband for 9 years before we tied the knot and there was a palpable change (for the better!) when we made it official. So take pause and enjoy every step of the process.


Email Julie at Welcome to the team! 

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  1. Hi, my name is Chloé, i’m french. I like your blog, your photos. Thank you for all these great ideas. See you soon. Chloé


When the lovely ladies at A Practical Wedding flew me out to Oakland to produce four backdrop installations, we wanted to be sure they were A) impactful, B) easy to make, C) colorful, and D) affordable. This hexagon backdrop meets all of those requirements.

Using chipboard hexagon boxes and acrylic paint, I designed this backdrop to be used as a ceremony or photobooth backdrop. It’s perfect for couples getting married at the same space they are having their reception. Put it up once, get married in front of it, then set up a super fun photobooth in front of it. Spending your money on one, large, head-turning installation will make more of an impact than expensive place cards and table numbers. Save money on the small details, splurge on the big ones, and your wedding photos will better reflect your personalities and your wedding.

All of the details, caveats, and instructions are over on A Practical Wedding. We’ve estimated that the materials will cost you around $230 and you’ll need two hours of prep, a way to transport the boxes, and two hours at your venue (with a wall you are allowed to use putty on) to set-up.

If you love bold, geometric installations like this and don’t feel like taking the time to figure it out yourself, you can hire me to design, create, and install for you. It will cost you more money to hire a professional, but it will save you time and maybe even sanity if you aren’t naturally crafty. Contact me over here with details about your wedding, we’ll chat about designing a custom installation for you, and send you a quote.

Photography by Allison Andres.

Styling and Design by Michelle Edgemont.

Models are Janeen and Daniela of Darling Dear Photography.

Make-up by Fox & Doll.

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  1. [...] large scale backdrop installations that you could create for your own wedding. The first was that modern and geometric hexagon backdrop. This one, is romantic and eye-catching. All detailed directions can be found over on A Practical [...]