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Today’s palette is brought to you by a reader request. Yay! Elizabeth, the bride, wrote:

“I love navy for our fall wedding. 

Everything I’m finding on the internet uses silver, yellow, or a nautical theme to tie things together, but I’m more drawn to metallics (especially golds and bronze), wood and lots of natural greenery but in a non-rustic or shabby-chic way.  
I think this is why my florist thinks I’m crazy. :)
Sounds beautiful, right? Her quick description of what she’s envisioning led me to put together this palette of deep navy, forest green, and metallic gold. Accented with light blues, grays, and bronze, it’s the navy look without being nautical. For the decor, I’m thinking sheer navy linen tablecloths topped with overflowing vases of natural greens and tons of gold and bronze accents.

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I have a VCR in my TV cabinet. I refuse to get rid of it. Without it, there would be no way to watch my childhood videos, that cheerleading competition from high school, or my VHS of Roger & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Actually, now that I think about it, it might not even have the proper hook-ups for our futuristic smart TV. Oh well, one day I’m going to get those VHS tapes out, a million conversion cords, and get that thing to work.

Discs I didn’t save. No room to keep a giant computer tower with a disc drive. Good thing that even though no files I use today would even fit on a disc and I have no way of even properly using them, they are available for purchase! And….they come in bright, fun colors. In 15 years, will people be sticking thumb drives to the wall and marveling that they can get them delivered in five minutes by Amazon drone? Yep, definitely.

Until then, let’s all be amazed about how that technology that used to be cutting edge has been used to create a colorful backdrop for a wedding.

This is the last in the series of large scale backdrops I designed and styled for A Practical Wedding. We purchased the discs online and stuck them to the wall using poster putty. You can make the heart as giant as you want. See the detailed instructions over on A Practical Wedding.


See the other large scale backdrops we made:

Geometric Hexagon Wall

No Sew Painted Fabric Backdrop

Fluffy Cloud Installation


All photos by Allison Andres.


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Today is our third interview and insight from one my favorite wedding pros in the NYC area telling us about her experience working on weddings that have hired a wedding designer. Meet artist and designer Katie Fischer Cohen, owner of boutique design studio, Katie Fischer Design, who specialize in all things paper.

Her talent in articulating and executing her clients’ visions into unique, timeless designs continues to blow me away. Each project reflects her clients’ style and personality perfectly. Her work had me at hello!

Her answers to our question,

Have you worked a wedding that hired a wedding designer or stylist?

If yes, how did having a wedding designer hired by the couple impact your work?

Planning a wedding is an enormous undertaking and I think most find that they do need a professional to tie everything together.  I’m able to work with the client to create a cohesive look throughout the paper items from the save the dates to the day-of stationery. The designer is helpful in terms of executing the nitty-gritty of the day-of items.  Like how much room do we have for our escort table/display?  What size and shape should the menus and table numbers be?  What shade of paper will best go with the linens?  These things always go smoother when there’s a designer involved.  Also, on the day of your wedding, your designer can make sure that your beautiful paper items get photographed properly.  Putting together a successful, seamless wedding is a team sport – find the vendors that best understand your vision and let them make it happen for you!









A BIG thank you to Katie Fischer Cohen for sharing her awesome work and opinion on hiring a wedding designer.


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