Dean Robert Edgemont

November 19, 2014
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Hey everyone! Check out this super cute little baby I had three months ago! His name is Dean Robert Edgemont. He came late, 41 weeks and 2 days to be exact, in a furry (got to the hospital at 9cms) and then a wait (then stuck there for the next eight hours) followed by what felt like a million pushes. He is the best addition to our family, so much so, I don’t remember what I did with all my free time before he was here. I guess we went to a lot of movies and watching the entirety of Game of Thrones. Now it takes us two hours to get through an episode of New Girl because I need to pause it to stare at his cute face every two seconds. No, seriously, I just don’t want to miss any of Schmidt’s jokes while trying to calm down Dean’s fussiness.

My sweet friends, Divine Light Photography, captured these moments when Dean was ten days old. He seems huge now compared to what he was. Like a giant snuggly giant with an appetite for milk to match.

I started working again when he was five weeks old. I had the most amazing wedding to produce at The Wythe hotel for the most amazing couple. I was itching to get back in the studio by then anyways. Stay-at-home mom is not in my DNA. Those few hours I got to steal making floral arrangements and finalizing details left me feeling like a normal person again. The newborn haze, while figuring each other out, how to change diapers without getting peed on (silly boys), and manufacturing enough milk to feed a growing baby, sure is delightful. Although, sitting at my desk and banging out a few emails brought a new appreciation and passion for this business. Now, as a mama, my business direction and purpose are much more focused. The hustle has gotten stronger with this tiny babe to provide for.

Hot dad alert. Random: have you seen the instagram @dilfs_of_disneyland? It’s basically all photos of super hot dads taking care of their tired kids in the most stressful, yet fun filled, vacation location on the planet.

THIS. Nourishing my little baby Dean. He is always called Baby Dean. Not just Dean. Always BABY DEAN. He will be my little guy forever. Especially when he’s 15 and I’ll still kissing him on the lips outside of football practice in front of all his friends.

Photos by Divine Light Photography.


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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! He’s so adorable!


This palette. For the bride who loves sewing and hiking and is getting married to the groom who read one book a week and makes his own furniture. That’s my vision of who would use this palette at their wedding full of earth tones and the natural texture of linen.

See the previous Color Your Wedding posts at #ColorYourWedding on instagram or over on my Pinterest page.

Every week I’ll post a new color palette for you to download, print, email, send, messenger pigeon to your florist, wedding party, baker, caterer, mother-in-law.

Here’s how they work:

  • Right click and Save As. Each palette is sized to printout on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.
  • Instead of trying to explain to your cake baker and florist what your colors are, send them the Color Palette image. Everyone will be on the same page about colors and all your decor will coordinate.
  • Write or type your info at the top before sending to your vendors.
  • Use the three big color chips as your main colors, the next three smaller color chips as accents, and the chip on the far right as your texture.
  • The palette is meant to be used as a guide. Because of the color calibration across different computers, phones, tablets, and printers, the colors will not look exactly the same on all devices. For example, neon pink will look great on screen, but it will look dull when printed on a home printer. It’s a good idea to give the colors names on your palette, like mustard yellow, to further explain to others what the correct color is.
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When starting a project for your own wedding wedding, it’s important to make it A) fast, B) easy, and C) inexpensive. Getting married is full of enough to-do list items…the last thing you need is a complicated project that takes forever and uses materials that cost a million dollars. This simple way to decorate plain favor boxes is the perfect project to do while binge watching the latest season of Orange is the New Black.

Supplies Needed

Black cardstock

2″ round scallop punch

Silver pain pen



Patterned fabrics (woven fabrics work best. Look in the quilting section of your local fabric store)

Fusible webbing


3″ favor boxes


1) Iron the fusible webbing to the back of your fabric. The amount of fabric you’ll need depends on the amount of boxes you are decorating. A 1/2 yard of fabric for 50 boxes is a good estimate.

2) Cut ribbon shapes out of the fabric. The fusible webbing will keep it from fraying.

3) Punch scallop shapes out of the black cardstock

4) Use the paint pen to write thank you messages on the scallops. Make them all different or all the same, crafters choice.

5) Glue the ribbons and scallops onto the top of each box.

6) Done! Fill your boxes with candy, a single cupcake, a USB drive filled with your favorite music, or whatever you are gifting your guests with at the end of the night.


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