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DIY candy and flower centerpiece

When Oriental Trading asked me to design a wedding centerpiece that incorporates candy, I did what any self-respecting designer does when given a new assignment: searched Pinterest.

And…well…it wasn’t pretty. There are good ideas out there for using candy to decorate traditional baby showers and kid’s birthday parties. But for an event such as a wedding that wants to walk the fine line between unconventional and formal? What I found was less than inspiring.

Challenge accepted, Oriental Trading.

Candy4 Candy5
Out of the box materials should be kept simple and clean. Use them in one, two, or three colors max to keep the decor sophisticated. That being said, are you going for the opposite of sophisticated? Then use every color of the rainbow. For this project, my goal was to show how you can use a non-traditional material such as candy in a traditional floral arrangement while still keeping the centerpiece formal with a bit of quirky thrown in for good measure.

Candy6 Candy7
Candy8 Candy9

You can get the full instructions over on the Oriental Trading blog. Basically, glue candy sticks to your containers. Wire in some black and white swirl lollipops. Fill with flowers of your choosing. OR – find that one crazy florist in your area that loves doing kooky stuff and send her the link to this post. 


Candy13 Candy14

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How To Throw A Modern Engagement Party

balloonsWhen I got engaged in 2008 I despised the idea of having an engagement party. I didn’t want to pay for a silly party that felt like it was just another way for the Wedding Industry to take all of my money. I was pro-marriage but anti-marketing schemes, which just happens to be part of my core of this business.

Since then I’ve gotten married and had a baby. This means I’ve already had most of the parties that are thrown in my honor in my lifetime. Bridal shower, wedding, baby shower – all in the past. Looking back, a tiny selfish part of me wishes I had that engagement party. I’ll never again be in that sweet, yet weird, transitional period between being single and being married. That time in your life deserves to be celebrated! So gather up your closest friends and family, meet at your local watering hole with a few DIY decorations, and toast to the wedding planning journey you are about to embark on.

I partnered with Cricut to create a modern, fresh, and cool take on DIY engagement party decor. Everything you see in this post was created with my Cricut machine. It really is the best craft tool I have in my arsenal. I mean…decorate your OWN BALLOONS. These mylar balloons are available at Oriental Trading. Personalized balloons are where it’s at for 2016 celebrations. You’ve heard it here first.

bride-balloonballoons2engagement-party-cake-topper gemstone-cupcakes gemstoneCupcakeToppers If you already own a Cricut machine (we are best friends, right?), then you can purchase these projects in Design Space for as little at $.99 and make as many 3D paper gemstones as your heart desires.

Yep, you read that right.

Unlimited. 3D. GEMSTONES.

Balloon Decals in Design Space

3D Gemstones in Design Space

Cake and Cupcake Toppers in Design Space

Placecard Plates in Design Space
3d-gemstones-paperLike it or not, all of your family members will now be referred to by their relationship to you. “Oh, you’re the mother of the bride, how exciting to go dress shopping!” “Hey, sister of the groom, keep the spotlight on the bride, K?” “Father of the Bride…say hello to your empty wallet.”

Personalize their place settings at your engagement party with these DIY plates. Now get to crafting.

engagementparty Engagement-party-plates Cricut_engagement_party2 Cricut_engagementparty1How excited will your mom be when she sees her Mother of the Groom plate? Let me answer that for you: VERY EXCITED.

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Michelle Edgemont Shop: The Cocktail Napkins

foil-printed-cocktail-napkins-3We’ve talked about the Michelle Edgemont Shop backdrops and placemats. Now, the final piece in my first event decor collection: the cocktail napkins.

Foil printed cocktail napkins get a bad rap. On one hand, they are one of the quintessential personalized decor items you can buy for your wedding. It’s a special surprise when a waiter hands you a fun napkin along with the fourth bacon-wrapped date you’ve eaten or you get a pretty napkin with your jack and coke at the bar. On the other hand, fun cocktail napkins are often the very first decor detail that gets cut due to budget or gets ripped a new one in “things you don’t need for your wedding” posts.

I agree with both points. You don’t necessarily need a foil printed cocktail napkin under your uncle’s sixth specialty cocktail. Although when your grandmother gets handed a mini grilled cheese sandwich on top of a beautiful, navy blue napkin with a touch of gold foil, she feels that she is being taken care of. That you were extra thoughtful and intentional with your wedding decor details. That every point of your guest’s experience at your wedding was carefully decided upon. A slight exaggeration – but it’s like the difference between staying at the W Hotel or the Super 8 motel. Extra special touches make people happy.

silver-cocktail-napkinsblack-wedding-cocktail-napkins illdrinktothatnapkinsforever-cocktail-napkinswedding-cocktail-napkins
Ten per guest. That’s the industry standard recommended amount of cocktail napkins to have on hand at your reception. Having 200 guests? That’s 2000 cocktail napkins. That many foil printed cocktail napkins will set you back $1,600. I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO BUY $1,600 WORTH OF COCKTAIL NAPKINS.

Every single appetizer and every single cocktail do not need a fancy, schmancy napkin. My advice is to purchase 3 foil printed napkins per guest and then have your caterer supply the rest in the same color.

The Michelle Edgemont way, three cool napkins per guest, will cost you $480 for a 200 person wedding. That’s a much lower number than $1,600! You’re welcome.
black-cocktail-napkins-ferns blue-cocktail-napkins
My first line of napkins is available in four designs:

FOREVER: Holographic foil stamped onto crisp, white napkins.

I’LL DRINK TO THAT: Gold foil stamped onto bright, navy napkins.

TWO OF A KIND: Holographic foil stamped onto saturated, black napkins.

TODAY IS MY FAVORITE: Shiny silver foil stamped onto a pretty, dove gray napkin.

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