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Michelle Edgemont Shop: The Cocktail Napkins

foil-printed-cocktail-napkins-3We’ve talked about the Michelle Edgemont Shop backdrops and placemats. Now, the final piece in my first event decor collection: the cocktail napkins.

Foil printed cocktail napkins get a bad rap. On one hand, they are one of the quintessential personalized decor items you can buy for your wedding. It’s a special surprise when a waiter hands you a fun napkin along with the fourth bacon-wrapped date you’ve eaten or you get a pretty napkin with your jack and coke at the bar. On the other hand, fun cocktail napkins are often the very first decor detail that gets cut due to budget or gets ripped a new one in “things you don’t need for your wedding” posts.

I agree with both points. You don’t necessarily need a foil printed cocktail napkin under your uncle’s sixth specialty cocktail. Although when your grandmother gets handed a mini grilled cheese sandwich on top of a beautiful, navy blue napkin with a touch of gold foil, she feels that she is being taken care of. That you were extra thoughtful and intentional with your wedding decor details. That every point of your guest’s experience at your wedding was carefully decided upon. A slight exaggeration – but it’s like the difference between staying at the W Hotel or the Super 8 motel. Extra special touches make people happy.

silver-cocktail-napkinsblack-wedding-cocktail-napkins illdrinktothatnapkinsforever-cocktail-napkinswedding-cocktail-napkins
Ten per guest. That’s the industry standard recommended amount of cocktail napkins to have on hand at your reception. Having 200 guests? That’s 2000 cocktail napkins. That many foil printed cocktail napkins will set you back $1,600. I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO BUY $1,600 WORTH OF COCKTAIL NAPKINS.

Every single appetizer and every single cocktail do not need a fancy, schmancy napkin. My advice is to purchase 3 foil printed napkins per guest and then have your caterer supply the rest in the same color.

The Michelle Edgemont way, three cool napkins per guest, will cost you $480 for a 200 person wedding. That’s a much lower number than $1,600! You’re welcome.
black-cocktail-napkins-ferns blue-cocktail-napkins
My first line of napkins is available in four designs:

FOREVER: Holographic foil stamped onto crisp, white napkins.

I’LL DRINK TO THAT: Gold foil stamped onto bright, navy napkins.

TWO OF A KIND: Holographic foil stamped onto saturated, black napkins.

TODAY IS MY FAVORITE: Shiny silver foil stamped onto a pretty, dove gray napkin.

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Virtual Creative Direction: Ann Marie and Alan


Ann Marie and Alan’s wedding was the first one I virtually designed. They were married on her family’s farm in Texas, which as you can see from the photos, is obviously not Brooklyn. I worked with Sweet Pea Events, based in Dallas, to design the wedding using my Virtual Creative Direction service. I design a large, detailed, beautiful creative direction PDF that Sweet Pea Events used with their local vendors. Their favorite creative vendors, like We + You Studios and Chip & Salsa Designs, used my art direction to design the flowers and invitations. Kelly from Sweet Pea Events said that having the Creative Direction PDF made it so much easier to create a cohesive aesthetic between the invites, cake, rentals, and florals. Event design, man, it’s a priceless resource for putting together a heart-stopping event that looks and feels intentional from the invitations to the last dance.

Are you a wedding planner who loves logistics but doesn’t get excited over design? Virtual Creative Direction is where it’s at. Email me and let’s chat.

Go ahead, scroll down and see how beautifully put-together and seamless this wedding design looks:

burgundy_invitationblush-burgundy-bouquetpomegraneate-centerpiece dahlias-garden-rosesspray-rose-centerpiecemini_succulent burgundy-blush-centerpiecearch-floral-wedding antler-centerpiece-farm-tablegold-chargers-weddingfarm-table-wedding floral-arch-blush floral-arch-fallfall-farm-wedding burgundy-blush-wedding-bouquet succulent-boutonneire fall-wedding-bouquet nake-berry-cake naked-cake naked-chocolate-cake cafe-lights-tent

Planning – Sweet Pea Events / Event Design – Michelle Edgemont / Rentals (tables, chairs, linens, stage, dance floor, tent) – Ducky Bob’s / Floral – We + You –  /  Makeup – Sarah Erb /  Band – Empire 6  /  Photography – Lightbox Photography –  /  Caterer – Gil’s Elegant Catering / Cake – Cakewalk Bake Shop   /  Ceremony Music – Serenata Strings/ Officiant – Love Notes Weddings / Hair – Osgood O’Neill /   Invitations – Chips & Salsa Designs /  Valet – Advantage Valet /  Alcohol – The Dean’s List /  Ceremony benches – Shag Carpet 


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Valentine’s Heart Pillow DIY

xoxopillowchampagneHey hey, Valentine’s Day is coming up. DO YOU KNOW THAT??? Kidding – of course you do – like mine, I’m sure your whole pinterest feed is pink and hearts and love and unicorns. Here is another DIY project to add to that. I produced this heart pillow DIY project for HGTV. Grab some foam, fabric, glue, felt, and pom-pom trim to create a whimsical decorative pillow for your couch this Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy it with macarons and champagne. Because you know that’s what you will be doing on V-day – feeding your person macarons and sipping on the best champagne – instead of what you will actually be doing – scarfing down mexican take-out on the couch in front of a binge TV marathon then going to bed at 9:30.

heartdiyfoamheartpillowdiy heartpillowxoxoheartpillow xoxogluepillow xoxopillowdiyxoxoglue



24″ x 24″ x 4″ piece of foam

1 yard patterned fabric

2 yards pom pom trim

1/2 yard felt

2 sheets sticky back felt


fabric glue



1. Draw a heart shape onto the foam and cut it out

2. Place the foam heart on the reverse side of the fabric. Trace a border 6″ away from the heart onto the fabric. Cut out this larger heart from the fabric.

3. Cut a slit around the fabric heart every 2″ perpendicular to the foam heart.

4. Fold up and glue each 2″ fabric section up the side and onto the back of the heart.

5. Cut out a slightly smaller heart from the felt piece. Glue onto the back of the foam heart to hide all of the fabric ends.

6. Glue the pom pom trim all the way around the heart.

7. Cut out two Xs and two Os from the sticky back felt. Stick onto the front of the pillow.


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