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Be Sage Conference 2015

The wedding pros industry is full of conferences. I could name ten just off the top of my head. As a wedding pro, how do you decide which to spend your hard earned money one? For me, a conference is worth the money when I leave with solid, actionable steps to make my business better. Whether that means learning a brand new floral design technique, how to use quickbooks, how to write a marketing plan, or even fresh brand partnerships, I want to spend my money on knowledge, not on encouraging fluff and swag.

If you agree with me, than the Be Sage Conference is for you! I’m speaking there in November about how I earn almost half my income from producing content for big brands like HGTV and smaller companies like A Practical Wedding and Green Wedding Shoes. The Be Sage Wedding conference is for experienced wedding pros that are looking to reach the next stage in your business. We’ll learn, together, how to take our businesses to the next level. Want to join me?

Register right here for the Be Sage conference in Dallas November 1-3.

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Geometric Glitter Placecards

When the gals at A Practical Wedding sent me the link to these cool-ass clear, plastic geometric forms and asked me to design a wedding decor piece out of them, I thought…it’s my lucky day! Finding decor inspiration, and even better, actual decor pieces, in unexpected places is how I make every wedding different and interesting.

Bop over to the full tutorial on A Practical Wedding. You can also download the PDF for those modern, geometric place cards over there too.

While we are on the subject of placecards, let’s discuss. For round tables, they are optional. Everyone will find their seats like grownups and not leave the weird, buffer seat between them and the next person. For long tables, especially the super long ones that are all the rage right now, please assign seats and invest in placecards. If you don’t, it’ll turn into an awkward high school cafeteria moment where single, random seats are left and then couples and families won’t be able to sit near each other. Make your guests feel comfortable and assign their seats.








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Wedding DIY Workshops with Brooklyn Craft Company

Hey all you creative and crafty couples! Starting next month, I’m partnering with Brooklyn Craft Company to offer three Wedding DIY Workshops in their space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. These are in-person, super fun, classes that will teach you specific techniques and projects to make for your wedding. Forget about getting overwhelmed in Michael’s trying to figure out what kind of paint you need or starting a wedding project just to find out that it’s impossible to finish. These classes will give you the skills and know-how to make all of that rad decor you see all over pinterest for your own wedding.

There is a ton of wedding DIY information available on the web, although the majority of it doesn’t give you an idea of how long it will take, how messy it will be, or how much dough the supplies are going to cost you. Brooklyn Craft Company has a great reputation for holding fun, creative, affordable classes. I’m so excited to be teaching in their space this spring and summer to engaged couples who want to put a personal, handmade spin on their weddings.

Will you join us? The first class, on April 11th, is how to design and make this geometric table runner. You’ll learn tips and tricks on using painter’s tape and paints on fabric, how to budget your time when doing DIY wedding projects, and the skills to make a colorful runner for each of your tables.

Sounds fun right? Grab your friends or your fiance’ and join us on April 11th at Brooklyn Craft Company!


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