When I first discovered BUST Magazine over ten years ago, it felt like a secret on the newsstands that no one told me about. Kind of like when I found out that Silk Soy Milk comes in Egg Nog flavor, my life felt much fuller. Finally, I had found a magazine that was feminist, funny, indie, body positive, thoughtful, and interesting. BUST had the perfect mix of crafts, lifestyle stories, beauty recommendations, book reviews, feminist viewpoints, and support of local artists that I was craving. I was no longer a slave to the Cosmos of the magazine stand.

I bought every issue I could get my hands on. Signed up for a subscription. Then quietly made myself a snack plate and devoured every page of each issue. My sister and I would read them on the beach during family vacation (although not the sexy story in the back, that would be awkward with a mom and little brother sitting right next to you). A few years ago I went to their 15 year anniversary party (where I was introduced to the artist Leslie Hall. Who ever has a lyric that goes “you get me hotter than a stick of hot glue” is my jam) and have since been to every BUST Craftacular they’ve thrown in NYC.

This year, I get to work with one of my favorite brands and magazines of all time by teaching a DIY project at the BUST Craftacular in NYC this weekend. One step closer to being in a print issue, which is a huge dream of mine.

This Sunday, December 15, I’ll be teaching two classes on how to create these pretty tulle poufs. I wore some I crafted to my recent photo shoot – so easy and so cute.

photo by brklyn view photography

The BUST Craftacular is this weekend, Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th, at the Metropolitan Pavilion at 125 W 18th st, NYC. There will be music, amazing crafty vendors to purchase Christmas gifts from, delicious food, and DIY workshops. I’m teaching two sessions of the DIY Pouf clips on Sunday, from 3-4 and from 4-5. It’s $15 to join.

Sign up in advance via the BUST.com website or swing on by on Sunday to sign up day of. Looking forward to seeing you all and crafting some pretty accessories for your holiday outfits!


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This past fall, Trent Bailey, his wife Dara, and I trekked up the Cedar Lakes Estate in Port Jervis, NY with a few models, a Gabriella New York gown, cool jewelry, Patina props, and hand crafted elements to spend the day creating images based on a fall wedding and honeymoon. Trent and Dara are a creative powerhouse couple. He is an outstanding photographer, she creates the most beautiful hats and veils at her company Preston & Olivia, and together they are starting a fashionable camera bag company. Seriously, unstoppable.

This post is simply a love letter to Cedar Lakes Estate. It is owned by the nicest people ever, the grounds are to die for, they have modern remodeled cabins to rent, a pretty lake, and a remarkable modern barn to get married in. It’s a dreamboat.

I did the design and prop styling for this shoot. What does that mean, right? I brought the stuff (like a handmade tent and painted ores) and put it in the shot where it looked good. I art directed That Time Events on the flowers and collaborated on decisions, such as, how big should the bouquet be and can we please fill the vintage truck with MORE FLOWERS. Thank you very much.

We partnered with That Time Events who created the most beautiful, lush flowers. Oh, and THAT VEIL. It’s like bring draped in a delicious milkshake.

See what I meant about MORE FLOWERS??? The more the merrier. Pile them on. Like cinnamon rolls on my plate on Christmas morning. The higher the pile is, the better.

From the wedding, off to the very stylistic honeymoon. This includes a handmade tent in the forest, an old film camera, and cozy blankets. And bourbon. Don’t forget the bourbon.

There are activities on this honeymoon. Because even though you are super in love, you don’t want to just stare at each other all day. That sounds awfully boring. Let’s go swimming, boating, and smore making.

Feast your eyes on all of the other images over on Style Me Pretty.

The super team that made it happen:

Photography: Trent Bailey Photography | Wedding Dress: Gabriella New York | Floral Design: That Time Events | Food: Cedar Lakes Catering | Hair: Najeebah For Face Time Beauty Concierge | Event Design & Prop Styling: Michelle Edgemont | Hats: Preston & Olivia | Her Jewelry: Lulu Frost | His Jewelry: George Frost | Makeup: Holly For Face Time Beauty Concierge | Props: Patina | Turban: Lulu Frost | Tuxedo: Knot Standard | Veil: Preston & Olivia | Venue: Cedar Lakes Estate | Wardrobe Styling And Art Direction: Dara Of Trent Bailey Photography

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Photo by Bethany Michaela Photo

Starting a business is hard. Starting a profitable business that doesn’t overwhelm you is harder. So hard that is sometimes feel impossible and all I want to do it move to the beach, open a smoothie stand, and live in a house with chill surfer dudes and dudettes, catching waves and getting a tan. Alas, I like having money to order dinner delivery more often than I’d like to admit and to do work that is fulfilling and has a greater purpose. I learned how to be profitable and to not be overwhelmed through trial and error. By sending emails to people I looked up to and asked to buy them a coffee even though the majority never wrote back. By spending hours watching small business advice videos online. By building a tribe of other small business owners here in NYC and beyond that are my friends and we can ask business questions of each other. This took years of mistakes and time and guts.

Luckily for you, my friend Hilary wrote a book that will help you become profitable, say no to being overwhelmed, figure out what motivates you, and comes with a built in group of people to chat with. It’s everything I craved two years ago.

In her own words, this is who this book is for:

“The entrepreneur or blogger who sometimes feels lost, in over their head, unsure where to start or what to do next, like they should be further ahead by now — will finish the experience with the tools to make wiser choices, for simpler days, happier seasons and a more profitable business. This applies to readers who haven’t yet decided whether to start a business, those a few years in but yet to really succeed they way they’d hoped, or those starting a second business, branch or season who are experienced yet find themselves back at the beginning. It’s for anyone who secretly feels there should be a better, easier, less overwhelming way to do this.”

Tools for simpler days and a more profitable business? YES PLEASE.

Pre-orders have started now. How about send this link over to your mom or your boyfriend or your girlfriend or your spouse for a great Christmas gift idea?


This isn’t ONLY a book. My favorite, and what I think are the most beneficial, are video interviews of twelve other entrepreneurs (I’m one of them!) spilling their secrets of how they grew their businesses and a forum with everyone else starting out. It’s like twelve people you admire said a big, sloppy YES to your email to take them to coffee and hundreds of other people who are in your exact shoes to bounce ideas off. Grab yours by December 17th for a few special early bird bonuses.

When you get my video in the book, please take a moment and enjoy my sweet dance moves and lip syncing. Two very important skills for any entrepreneur.

Images borrowed from Dean Street Society

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