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Nina + Jordan get married at Bryant Park Grill

Nina and Jordan are a resilient, funny, and loving couple who I just adore. Three months before their wedding, they changed their venue to Bryant Park Grill because their original location was damaged in Hurricane Sandy and just wasn’t getting fixed up fast enough. They are two smart cookies! Bryant Park Grill was WAY better for them! It perfectly matched their classic, modern style. Plus – it’s surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. Divine Light Photography blew me out of the water with how amazing these photographs are.

I designed their florals and escort cards. The ridiculous pink peonies that are available for May weddings are well worth the threat of rain (which it did, all day) and the chance of it being slightly chilly at night (yep, cocktail hour was a bit frigid). I tossed in some peach garden roses, white tulips, and bright green fern to create, what I think, is one of my favorite bouquets yet.

Ivy! Pink peonies! Bryant Park! Come on, everyone’s doing it!



We kept the chuppah simple with pops of pink, cherry blossom branches, and a loverly lace drape that Nina and Jordan can pass down to their children to use in their weddings.

Nina loved the escort cards that I did for this shoot, so we recreated them here using holographic silver confetti (of course) and crisp white cards with black type.

I topped off their cake with a few peonies and sprigs of fern.

The team that made it happen:

Flowers and Decor: Michelle Edgemont

Photographer: Divine Light Photography

Venue: Bryant Park Grill


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  1. Amanda says:

    wow. so so so pretty. love the chuppah!

  2. Danae says:

    Just lovely! Can’t hardly wait to see what kind of work you do now that you’re in it full time!