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Darby Smart DIY Videos

Exciting news! I’ve been experimenting with video. I’m not a videographer. Not even close. But – I’ve been creating and uploading some pretty cool videos for Darby Smart this year. Darby Smart started as a company that sells DIY kits and I worked with them a few times in the past to design some fun DIY kits – you might remember the etched star glasses?? Trust me, they were super cute.

They have recently launched a really neat app that let’s you share DIY and recipe videos. By only using my iphone to shoot and edit, I created these DIY videos with no experience what so ever. They aren’t professional quality, although that’s what I like about them. Besides, that’s kind of the point behind making something yourself right? To not buy the professional version from the store but to instead put your own spin on it even though it might not look perfect.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure it was going to take off. It seemed like one more social media network that I didn’t have time for. BUT – as I’ve been being creative with video, it’s turned into an interesting outlet to meet new clients and craft lovers.

Here are a few of my favorite videos from the app!

Leather Stamped Keychains:

DIY Mother’s Day Mug:

Father’s Day DIY Coasters:

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