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Livia and Rafael / Wedding at Ramscale

Two words: balloon room.

Three words: custom leather jackets.

And again: hanging greenery installation.

Those are my top three favorite things from this wedding I decorated at Ramscale Studio. Planning by Firefly Events and shot by Love & Co Photography, picking three favorites was tough. If I were to pick a few more (ok, you twisted my arm), they would be the bride’s insanely amazing dress, the coolness factor of this entire event, the view from the rooftop ceremony, the light curtain behind the bar, and the gold foiled ’till death do us part cocktail napkins.

Yep, pretty much everything.

This year has held some of the most aesthetically varied weddings that I’ve been given the chance to decorate. Each having it’s own bit of unconventionality, my design muscles have grown with every one. Take for example this wedding’s hanging greenery installation. When I was at Brimfield earlier this year, I happened upon a pile of what looked like giant iron baskets. I thought that turned upside down they would make the perfect mechanic for a hanging installation covered in greenery. I bought one for $10.

That was the best $10 I’ve ever spent on a vintage piece at a flea market. Turns out that the giant iron basket was actually those cages that are put over lights in gymnasiums. I’m sure you remember them from high school. It’s creative, unusual, and smart applications of everyday items that create interesting installations for your guests to experience at your wedding.

This is the hanging install I mentioned above. Constructed on a vintage light cover from an old gymnasium. That light cover used to watch sweaty high school kids try and dunk. Now a bride and groom danced underneath it with their closest family and friends. Don’t lose it, reuse it.

(if you know you says that last line, I give you a fist pump in toddler parent solidarity.)

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Nimi and Rush’s wedding at Parrish Art Museum

Nimi and Rush’s wedding at Parrish Art Museum was one of my biggest wedding to date. With almost 300 guests and an 8′ x 8′ hanging floral installation over the table, we brought over 2000 blooms, 100 lanterns, 75 terrariums, 150 succulents, and 200 airplants out to the Hamptons to create a modern, cohesive wedding under the planning direction of Polka Dot Events.

This was also my first time at Parrish Art Museum. Woah. This place is the coolest. Everywhere you turn the architecture blends into the surrounding fields and creates bold, negative space in the neatest shapes.

This wedding, with Amber Gress‘s incredible photographs, is featured in the current issue of The Knot New York.

Amber Gress Photography  /  Dish Food & Events  / Michelle Edgemont /  Love + Brain Films  /  Revolve Lighting + Furniture  /  Alexa Blair

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Hip Brooklyn Elopement

It’s refreshing to simply scroll through a pretty blog post and enjoy the images for what they are: two people promising their lives to each other. No mushy intro. No carefully curated welcome bags. Simply a dude and a gal (or two gals or two dudes, whatever tickles your fancy) getting dressed up, carrying the coolest flowers, and getting married on a rooftop overlooking New York City.

Photos by Julia Elizabeth Photography

Fashion styling by a.ok style

Bridal bouquet made by me.

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