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Nimi and Rush’s wedding at Parrish Art Museum

Nimi and Rush’s wedding at Parrish Art Museum was one of my biggest wedding to date. With almost 300 guests and an 8′ x 8′ hanging floral installation over the table, we brought over 2000 blooms, 100 lanterns, 75 terrariums, 150 succulents, and 200 airplants out to the Hamptons to create a modern, cohesive wedding under the planning direction of Polka Dot Events.

This was also my first time at Parrish Art Museum. Woah. This place is the coolest. Everywhere you turn the architecture blends into the surrounding fields and creates bold, negative space in the neatest shapes.

This wedding, with Amber Gress‘s incredible photographs, is featured in the current issue of The Knot New York.

Amber Gress Photography  /  Dish Food & Events  / Michelle Edgemont /  Love + Brain Films  /  Revolve Lighting + Furniture  /  Alexa Blair

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Hip Brooklyn Elopement

It’s refreshing to simply scroll through a pretty blog post and enjoy the images for what they are: two people promising their lives to each other. No mushy intro. No carefully curated welcome bags. Simply a dude and a gal (or two gals or two dudes, whatever tickles your fancy) getting dressed up, carrying the coolest flowers, and getting married on a rooftop overlooking New York City.

Photos by Julia Elizabeth Photography

Fashion styling by a.ok style

Bridal bouquet made by me.

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Kim and Rich / making of

Earlier this week I showed you the final product of Kim and Rich’s wedding at Barley Sheaf Farm. Today, here’s a peek behind the scenes of how it all came to be.

Clients that hire me for full event design start with a Design Board. It’s the foundation of all of the design choices we make as we work together for a few months, or especially in the case of this wedding, over a year. It’s interesting to look at the final images of a wedding and see how the Design Board truly came to life through custom made decor and whimsical florals.

Pinterest is great for a lot of things (like finding all the images for said Design Board), although it gets very overwhelming very quickly. Choice fatigue sets in and before you know it you’re three margaritas deep trying to decide between ecru and soft white table runners.

Enter, Kim and Rich’s Design Board. Saturated Fall color, draping, neutral lounges, loose florals, and twinkle lights

Are you having a Fall wedding???? PIN THIS BABY RIGHT HERE. 

The day of their wedding started with bucket of product on the grounds of the venue and a big piece of plywood zip tied to a baseplate. This was the start of their escort card board. Being the first thing that guests were going to see, I wanted to be sure to make it colorful, impactful, and easy to find their table assignments.

We put table numbers inside of colorful envelopes. This let us create a slightly more high-end escort card board while keeping the visuals clean and modern.

Next up, into the tent we went. The centerpieces were constructed inside of elevated glass vases. We made them in the studio, although I always like to bring buckets of more flowers to fill them out onsite. What looks big enough in the studio more often than not looks a lot smaller in a giant tent. This is our chance to go bigger, take out any greenery/blooms that got smushed in the truck ride (two hours on the highway for this wedding), and be absolutely sure that each centerpiece looks perfect from every vantage point in the tent.

These two images below are my most favorite of all time. The couple seeing their tent for the first time. Look at her smiling face! Giving myself and my team a big pat on the back for designing a wedding that brought so much joy.

Did you miss yesterday’s post? Click on over here to see how the final wedding images came out!

Behind the scenes images by Kathryn Crosky Photography.

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