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Greenery filled wedding at City Winery

Lisa and Ryan were married in front of a grand greenery backdrop surrounded by their loved ones at City Winery in New York City. We let the beautiful venue shine by enhancing it’s style with simple greenery garlands, twinkling lights, and hurricane candles. Unexpected details – like those laser cut wooden table numbers – are always my favorite part of any wedding.

Beautiful images by Ciro Photography.

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Cricut Explore Air 2 Review + Gift Guide!

It’s no surprise to anyone that I love my Cricut machine. If you’ve gotten into a conversation with me about creating, I’m sure I’ve talked your ear off about how it’s A) amazing, B) will cut through almost anything, and C) will cut any SVG file. Logos, custom text, one-of-a-kind designs – this machine can do anything. A time machine would come in handy right about now so I could beam back seven years with my Cricut and my ipad to be in project heaven when I was a bride. All I had back then was an exact knife and a loving friend to help me cut out the die-cut hearts I needed on every. single. invitation. pocket.

Was I crazy? Probably.

Crafty couples of 2017! You can quickly, easily, and WIRELESSLY die cut your own invitations while streaming every single episode of The Mindy Project. Of course, a giant project like DIY invitations is not for everyone. I repeat: Not For Everyone. The crafty couple that is going to bond over DIYs might be slightly masochist, loves a challenge, lives for a tedious project, and doesn’t mind using every extra hour of their day to work on their wedding. This was me back in 2009. And it’s now what other people pay me to do. Dream job.

Cricut sent me one of their brand new Cricut Explore Air 2 machines for an honest review (and to give me a reason to start on my gift guides). Hand to God this is the best piece of equipment that a home creator can purchase on a small-ish budget. In about thirty minutes, I went from opening the box to designing a custom ornament on my ipad to magically bluetoothing it to the Cricut to having a custom made Christmas decoration in my hands.



And, here ya go, my first gift guide for the 2016 season. It’s not too early to shop. Get your shopping done now and then you can relax with a belly full of cookies and nog for the whole month of December. Sounds good to me.


Gift Guide for the Crafty Couple:

  1. Golden Pen: Because all great crafters are only as good as their shiny, shiny tools.
  2. Weddings In Color book: Biases opinion here (I styled this book), but it really is full of amazing ideas for colorful, modern weddings.
  3. Metallic Vinyl: To use in the Cricut, you can cut out anything out of vinyl and basically personalize stuff to your heart’s content.
  4. Leather Pouches: To keep your supplies organized in style.
  5. A Tool Box: No plastic tupperware here – you will only be as inspired as your environment is aesthetically pleasing. This concept applies to storage containers too.
  6. Scissors: A must-have supply with a fun twist
  7. Cricut Explore Air 2: Seriously, you need this machine. My opinions are not swayed by free stuff. I use mine for client projects, personal projects, and gift making. The holidays are coming! Start your crafty gifts now!


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A colorful wedding at the Wythe Hotel

It’s slightly embarrassing how long it’s taken me to show you Lauren and Justin’s colorful wedding at the Wythe Hotel. They are having their 2 year anniversary in a few weeks. TWO YEARS. I’m sorry, I will never hold this much pinnable goodness from you again for that long. Dean, who also turns two soon, was just four weeks old at their wedding. Proof right here that anything is possible with the most amazing clients, over the top detailed preparation, and the hardest working team in the business.

The Wythe Hotel never disappoints with it’s amazing wallpaper, lovely terrace, and industrial vibe. Williamsburg is home to some of the coolest spots for wedding photos – which means that any Brooklyn-loving couple would be right at home here.

Brita Olsen Creative kept it all running smoothly while Karen Seifert Photography blew me away with her beautiful images.

My absolute favorite decor detail from Lauren and Justin’s wedding was their ceremony backdrop. Using watercolor paintings from the bride’s best friend, I used my textile design background to create a one-of-a-kind fabric backdrop. The pattern is custom and it was digitally printed onto a lovely cotton sateen. Now, that fabric backdrop lives on in the couple’s apartment.

These are the types of wedding decor details that I love: the tangible ones you get to live with everyday as heirlooms from your wedding.

0176_K_IMG_9500_0176weddingatthewythehotel wythehotelweddingcolorfulBouquet0818_K_IMG_0546_0818 0916_KK_IMG_1142_0916 1293_BDE_0864_1293 1294_KK_IMG_1054_1294 1247_BDE_0719_12471291_BDE_0794_12911271_K_IMG_0368_12710683_KK_IMG_0807_06830701_K_IMG_0348_0701 0671_K_IMG_0335_06710509_BDE_0162_05090262_BDE_9975_02621239_BDE_0706_12391243_BDE_0714_12431242_BDE_0713_1242 1344_KK_IMG_1253_13441320_BDE_1021_13201298_BDE_0969_12981282_BDE_0743_12821285_BDE_0761_1285 1262_K_IMG_0359_1262 1266_BDE_0732_12661345_K_IMG_0980_13451258_KK_IMG_0891_12580089_K_IMG_0762_0089 0084_KK_IMG_1205_0084 0081_K_IMG_0592_0081

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