I often get asked how I was able to get my name out there so quickly when I first launched this company a few years ago. The Big Secret: I put it out there. I networked. I met people and became friends with them. I spent too much money on ridiculously awesome business cards, which helped me be remembered by many people I met. Here is what worked for me, and I hope, will work for you too.

Besides your past clients, your peers will be the people that spread the love for your brand and refer you to their clients, friends, and inquiries they aren’t able to do. By working together, you can all provide a higher level of service to the couples in your area, make more money, and do more satisfying work.

Go to a few conferences
Ah, conferences and workshops. Seems like everyone is starting one these days, right? Which is great for you because you have a ton of choices of which ones to attend! Please promise me that you will attend at least one outside of the wedding and event world? When I went to Making Things Happen in 2011, I became friends with girls that have been my biggest cheerleaders and business coaches to this day. I attended AltSummit in January of 2012, passed around my business cards and told anyone that would listen about my business, which led to working with HGTV and being introduced to colleagues that I work closely with all the time. Neither of those conferences are necessarily wedding and event related, although knowing people from other industries has helped me create revenue streams for my business that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Embrace Social Media
Guys, this one is a no-brainer. Social media has been around for years and it’s not going anywhere fast. My best industry friends, in NYC and around the country, have come from conversations on Twitter and comments on Instagram. This doesn’t mean that I’m refreshing Twitter and Instagram every five seconds. I would never get any work done. Pick a few ten minute periods in your day – maybe over breakfast, over lunch, then once at the end of your work day. Check out your streams, comment and tweet with substance (more than “omg, I love it!”) to your peers that you admire. If you see someone looking for a talent that you have, say event design, write back and let them know you’ll do it for free. That’s how I became friends with Meg from A Practical Wedding: I tweeted her in early 2012 that I would design her Brooklyn book tour party. Now I’m a regular contributor to her site that I’ve gotten awesome clients from. Same thing happened when I was chosen to decorate blogshop twice when it came to NYC. Social media is simply a tool in your tool bag to build brand recognition and relationships.

Attend Networking Events
Yes, I know, sometimes they can be painful. You don’t know anyone. It’s awkward. Everyone else seems to be best friends with each other and you feel like the weird new kid. I promise you, it won’t be like that forever. These events are important for a few reasons: A) when you’re company is brand new, you can introduce your awesome self to your local peers, B) as you get to know people, you’ll become actual friends that go to lunch and work together, C) a few years in, being seen at local networking events remind others that you exist and keep your company at the forefront of their minds.

Collaborate on Shoots
Remember all of those rad people you met at networking events? Invite them to collaborate with you on an inspiration shoot. You’ll get to know each other better, be able to be creative, produce work that will be professionally shot, hopefully get published, and then sing each other’s praises via social media. You’ll also gain a group of cheerleaders who will refer you to their couples and vice versa. Spread the love!

By attending a few conferences, becoming a presence on social media, taking part in local networking events, and collaborating with fellow creatives, you’ll slowly build a group of people who are all running their own businesses to support you.


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  1. Such great tips! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s very helpful for a newbie like me!

  2. Meg

    Is THAT how it happened? And now IVs forsaken Twitter. Hummmm. xoxo


Ginevra and Mike, besides being some of the coolest people ever, are also some of the nicest. They picked the Metropolitan Building to be married at because of it’s beautiful, urban patina and asked us to decorate it full of gothic inspired candles, peach and blush florals, and touches of black lace. Guys, blush flowers next to black lace!!? YES PLEASE.

They made the smartest choice any couple could make by hiring Judy Pak as their photographer. Try not to drool over her amazing photos.





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Want to be on the team?

April 1, 2014
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Big news. I’m hiring two positions. One is for an Associate Event Producer and the other is for a summer intern. Read the qualifications, requirements, and job descriptions below. Interested?


Job Description

Your lucky day is here, an Associate Event Producer position is available at Michelle Edgemont. You would be taking over all client interactions and day-to-day operations while I’m on maternity leave July 15 – October 1st. You will be responsible for selling our services to perspective clients, executing their design experience, and keeping up on emails. After that, you will work closely on the design of events with me, eventually taking on your own awesome events. It’s important that you are available from 9-5 to answer all emails and on some nights/weekends for meetings and events. Most importantly, be available on the following dates for Summer/Fall 2014 events: June 28th, September 5th, September 18th, September 27th, October 18th, and October 31st. The job will be around 10-20 hours a week, longer hours on weeks we have events. The right person is interested in growing within the company and working for Michelle Edgemont on the long term.  Employment contract will be for 12 months, with the option to renew if we are both happy. I want you to be happy. Job pays a weekly stipend while I’m on maternity leave, then commission based on individual events after that. Pay is commiserate with experience and enthusiasm.


Fluent in Photoshop cs6, Illustrator cs6, InDesign cs6, Microsoft Office, and WordPress
Previous experience in planning, executing, and/or designing events.
Skilled at hand sketching, digitally illustrating, or 3D rendering.
Experience of, comfort of, and knowledge of a multitude of craft tools.
Have your own space to create and store large scale installations, craft projects, and event decor.
Driver’s License
Comfortable driving in NYC
Capable of lifting and carrying up to 30lbs
Available on some evenings and weekends for event production and client meetings.
Exceptional writing skills
Own a MAC computer with the following programs installed: Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign CS6, Microsoft Office
Reliable internet service
Ability to answer emails with in a few hours between 9-5 Monday-Friday
Available 10-20 hours per week, more on weeks we have events.
Lives in the NYC metro area and willing to come to my Brooklyn home office every now and then
Floral design experience is helpful, although not necessary
Good taste
Comfortable on your feet for hours at a time
Appreciates Beyonce, candy, afternoon ice cream runs, bright colors, and modern design.


-Manage and reply to all company email within 24hrs between 9am-5pm when I’m on maternity leave (July 15 – October 1st)
-Manage perspective client inquiries for planning, design, and florals. Including conducting initial phone consultations, putting together custom proposals, meeting perspective clients at local coffee shops, speaking intelligently about the Michelle Edgemont design experience, and following through with the booking process. Aka, bring in the money.
-Manage all aspects of events in the Fall of 2014. This includes communicating with clients and other vendors, sending final invoices, sourcing and ordering supplies, crafting decorations, ordering flowers, assisting in floral arranging, installing weekend events with the team, gathering props around the city, managing each event’s budget, managing a team of assistants, keeping’ it real.
-A few floral market mornings. Yes, they are early. Yes, I’ll buy you a coffee.
-Manage blog posts. Write a few, post a few, manage guest posters.
-Maybe take on some cool inspiration shoots and DIY projects. Come with your own ideas you’d love to execute and we’ll make them happen together.

To apply, let’s follow formalities with a resume. I’m more interested in why you want this job, your description in your own words of your past related experience, and your understanding of the Michelle Edgemont brand. Along with your resume, send over an inspiration board (pinterest or computer designed) of how you envision the perfect Michelle Edgemont designed event.

Email the above to myself at Michelle@Michelleedgemont.com with the subject line “EVENT PRODUCER (YOUR NAME)”

The position starts when I find the right person.



Job Description

Spring/summer intern position available. Time commitment is one full day or two half days per week, plus Saturdays when we have an event. Perfect for the guy or gal who is interested in event design and/or planning. The intern job will be partly in-house in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and partly remote. The internship will go until the end of April until the end of July with the possibility of staying on after I give birth to a tiny human in August.

Fluent in photoshop, illustrator, and indesign cs6
Fluent in WordPress
Fluent in Microsoft Office
Passionate about event design and planning
Design background preferred, although not required
Loves crafts and has a knowledge of a wide range of craft techniques, tools, and supplies
Lives in the NYC metro area and capable of coming to my home office in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
Has a MAC laptop with up to date Adobe and Microsoft programs installed
Available one day a week and on some weekends for event production
Interest in events, flowers, planning, and weddings
Able to lift and carry up to 30lbs
Comfortable on your feet for hours at a time


-Update our website galleries, Facebook, and advertising accounts with recent work. Format photos in photoshop and upload to the web.
-Create custom graphics that fit the Michelle Edgemont brand to use on our website
-Source materials for events in person and online
-Craft decorations and paper goods for events
-Assist in production at events on the weekends (not every weekend)

To apply, tell me a little bit about yourself, send over a short resume, explain why you are interested in event design, and send over a few examples of your design work. Email me at Michelle@michelleedgemont.com with the subject line “INTERNS RULE (YOUR NAME)”  The position is unpaid, although frequently comes with ice cream breaks. I’m happy to offer school credit, if possible.

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  1. Linda

    Love that one of the qualifications is “kind”. More job descriptions should have that.