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Welcome to the new Michelle Edgemont

launch3Things look a little different around here, right?

I’ve been in business for almost exactly four years. It was time for a change.  It’s similar to when I realized I could no longer shop at Forever21 because the music was too loud, the clothes never fit, and the place was a mess. Time to start shopping in the ladies section. Ann Taylor, Madewell, and J.crew – that is where a postpartum woman in her early 30s shops. Goodbye Forever21, hello Ann Taylor. After four years, it’s time for grown-up clothing. This website is the Ann Taylor to my business. It’s matured, sophisticated, yet still has a punchy youth. Which is exactly how I want myself to feel – like a punchy youth with a toddler.

In addition to getting a facelift, the company is growing too. It doesn’t feel important to me anymore to be the person at networking events who is “always busy” and working “20 weddings plus” a season. I want to have a comfortable amount of work that allows me the flexibility to pick up Dean from the nanny, give all my clients undivided attention, and keep the majority of my weekends for family. In order to do that, I’m taking on 6 (maybe 8) maximum full design clients a year.

That’s it. Six – eight excited, outlandish couples who want their personalities and unconventional aesthetics to shine on their wedding days. It’s a little scary telling myself to only say yes to a select number of couples, but it also let’s me throw my entire self into each and every one of their event designs.

What will I do with the rest of my time? Watch re-runs of Scandal? I’m building the prop styling arm of the business to be the go-to place for a modern, quirky stylist who knows her way around the best shops in NYC. With the launch of Weddings In Color and my ever-expanding portfolio on HGTV, it’s slowly getting there.
launch6I hired Creme Brands to refresh my branding and the site. How beautiful is this mood board that she made? I want to crawl inside of it and stay a while. The hologram metallics, quirky details, and pops of color is exactly me. More importantly, this whimsical, clean, crisp aesthetic is what my clients hire me for. launch4The new color palette. Good-bye pink, yellow red, lilac, and yellow.


The ipad site looks great too. It was important to me that the site look beautiful, and be usable, across all handheld devices. My on-the-go perspective clients don’t have time for mobile sites that are difficult to navigate and hard to read.

Launch1And I saved the best for last….

My ONLINE SHOP is opening in a few weeks. I’m using my experience in the fashion industry as a textile/surface designer to create party and wedding decor that is full of life, color, and that modern aesthetic that you love.

So, LET’S TALK. Are you getting married and want a wedding full of intentional decor and a cohesive design? Email me your details to get started.

Do you own a business that needs it’s shop products styled, need image content for your site, or professionally produced DIY projects for your blog? Let’s chat about hiring me as a prop stylist.

Are you a wedding planner that wants to offer event design to your clients without doing it yourself? Virtual Event Design is for you.

Styled images: Styling by Jaclyn Journey, photos by Whitney Neal Photography

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Weddings In Color available today!


Weddings In Color is officially available today for purchase. Hurry, Amazon only has 13 copies left.


I styled this modern, colorful, beautiful book last summer while hugely pregnant (which made it much more difficult to bend over a million times a day to adjust those plates one millimeter at a time until they were perfect).

Huge thanks to Minhee from Paper & Cup and Vane from Brooklyn Bride who gave me the honor of styling their wonderful book. I will forever be thankful for them for giving me this amazing job!



Photos by brklyn view photography. That beautiful cake by nine cakes.

Buy your copy today on Amazon!


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Geometric Coasters DIY

When Cricut asked me to create some fun, party projects for their design software, Design Space, I immediately knew they had to be A) simple, B) geometric, and C) super cool. Hence, these geometric coasters.

The actual coasters and the geometric decals are both made with the Cricut. What was once known as a crafting machine solely for scrapbookers and teachers, the Cricut has made a Justin Beiber like comeback in the past year, just without the crying. Hey, Beibs, no crying, OK? You haven’t even been gone for that long. And does a 21 year old really old enough for a “comeback”? I digress. Back to the coasters.

If you own a Cricut, you can find the files for these coasters over in Design Space. If your life is lacking the majesty of a Cricut machine, hop on over to their website and buy one.




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