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Gifts for people who love geometrics

Gift guide for people who love geometrics. This is my favorite gift guide. As I’m sure you can see by the branding on this site, I have a soft spot for geometric anything. The clean lines, the negative space, and the versatility of geometric shapes let you easily blend this aesthetic into any decor plan.

This past year alone, my studio has produced an oversized geometric installation (to be seen in Martha Stewart next year), a colorful geometric escort board, 3D geodome table numbers, laser cut hexagon place cards, and brought numerous geometric lanterns to a variety of events.

Are you a geometric lover too?


  1. Geometric Lamp 2. Plant Hangers 3. French Press 4. Coasters 5. Geometric Bin 6. Wall Shapes 7. Faceted Terrariums 8. Iphone Case 9. Folded Vase 10. Geometric Necklace
    11. Crop Top 12. Earrings 13. Keds 14. Geometric Socks


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Gifts for people who love rainbows

It’s a gift guide for people who love rainbows. We designed and executed a wedding this year that was 110% rainbows. It was amazing. The amount of bright color we put in their all white venue brought a smile to anyone’s face who walked in there. It’s impossible to be sad when looking at a rainbow.

Here you go, for all your people who have an affinity for Mr. Roy G Biv. Buy these gifts for your coworker who writes in every color except black, for your best friend who is an advocate for the LGBTQ community and covers her backpack in rainbow patches, and for your neighbor who’s house looks like a box of crayola crayons exploded (but in a good way).

1. Rainbow Dress 2. Sneakers 3. Rainbow Sweatshirt 4. Rainbow iphone case 5. Rainbow TShirt 6. Tuft Basket 7. Earrings 8. Neon Lamp 9. Planter 10. Rainbow Ornament 11. Rainbow Mirror 12. Sticky Note pad 13. Fancy Pen

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Gifts for people who love tropicals

Hey, hey. It’s shopping season! Do you start early or will you be ordering all your gifts for your loved ones Amazon prime on December 22nd?

2017 and 2018 events have seen some emerging trends come through. Four specific ones have been requested by our clients over and over again. Tropicals, Plants, Rainbows, and Geometrics. All of our events for 2017 and upcoming 2018 have small aspects of at least one of those aesthetics. So, since my clients are the coolest people ever with the best taste, I put together four gift guides for them. In the next few weeks I’ll be posting gift guides for People Who Love…(insert on-trend event theme here) for you to shop from for all the super cool people in your life.

First up, Gifts For People Who Love Tropicals. Plant life from tropical islands has been popular this year for our events. Whether we used giant (like 9′ tall giant) palm leaves to outfit a modern chuppah, bigger-than-your-head fan palm on a simple arch, or some shiny pink anthurium to liven up a greenery arrangement, touches of tropicals were loved by everyone in 2017.

Here’s some fun gifts for your coworker who always buys the coconut coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts, your best friend who can’t leave a store without buying a pineapple something, and your teenage cousin who’s snapchat is constantly photos of the ocean:

1. Pineapple Ornament 2. Iphone Case 3. Gold Palm Leaf 4. Water Bottle 5. Coconut Body Butter 6. Tropical Backpack 7. Coconut Hair Mask 8. Palm Leaf Earrings 9. Tropical bag 10. Tropical Luggage 11. Coffee Beans 12. Philodendron Plant


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