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Nimi and Rush’s wedding at Parrish Art Museum

Nimi and Rush’s wedding at Parrish Art Museum was one of my biggest wedding to date. With almost 300 guests and an 8′ x 8′ hanging floral installation over the table, we brought over 2000 blooms, 100 lanterns, 75 terrariums, 150 succulents, and 200 airplants out to the Hamptons to create a modern, cohesive wedding under the planning direction of Polka Dot Events.

This was also my first time at Parrish Art Museum. Woah. This place is the coolest. Everywhere you turn the architecture blends into the surrounding fields and creates bold, negative space in the neatest shapes.

This wedding, with Amber Gress‘s incredible photographs, is featured in the current issue of The Knot New York.

Amber Gress Photography  /  Dish Food & Events  / Michelle Edgemont /  Love + Brain Films  /  Revolve Lighting + Furniture  /  Alexa Blair

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Michelle Edgemont Design for HGTV: How to Use a Bar Cart

I’m the last person on the planet to get on the bar cart train. Our apartment is too small and too full of a rambunctious three year old to actually have a bar cart full of liquor and breakable glassware. When HGTV asked me to style ten unconventional uses for a bar cart my eyes were opened to their versatility.

Bathroom storage? Totally! Somewhere to put all my plant babies? Yes please. Craft supplies? Give me that bar cart.

Here are my five favorite looks from the project. You can hop over to HGTV to see the rest.

The bar cart I used was from Target, and it sadly no longer available. But – I found more for you to check out.

Wood and Glass Bar Cart (feminine and pretty)

Antique Brass with Geometric Details (Modern and masculine)

Wooden (good for outdoors)

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Top 22 Bud Vases

Every florist on this earth has had the client come to them, me included, with this statement: “Can we just do a few bud vases on each table?”

If your tables are 30″ round high boys, sure. I’d love to make some banging bud vases and decorate those cocktail tables like there is no tomorrow. Although, more often than not, the tables in question are 60″ or 72″ rounds. A few bud vases in the center of a dining table that large is going to look….empty. So empty. Almost, sad even.

They only work as the main centerpiece if they are used in abundance (nine or more, which at that point, same price as a compote design), or extremely modern and minimal ON PURPOSE (not to just save money). My favorite use for bud vases are accents: throw a few on the ends of a long rectangle table to fill in the space or style them underneath an elevated design to bring flowers to eye level. Also: bathrooms, accent the escort table, side tables in a lounge, and cocktail tables.

Here are some examples where we used bud vases as fill-in for tables. In bulk, like the white and blue image, the bud vases work because they are all the same white color (see #1 below for my top secret source for the best and cheapest bud vases) and hold bold, short florals. In the photo with the palm, we wanted to bring some color and shine to the table. We needed to leave room for family style platters, so clear bud vases spray painted gold were the way to go.

Here, bud vases were used to bring nature to a buffet table. Don’t forget about the food displays! They need floral love too. Bud vases are small, inexpensive, and the perfect way to do that:

My favorite top 22 bud vases. Why 22? Who knows. That was the number that I could find shopable on the web that I liked and weren’t $75 per bud vase. Because that’s crazytown.

1) White Porcelain Vase, 2) Embossed Bud Vase, 3) Platinum Bud Vase, 4) Stem Bud Vase Gold, 5) Honeycomb Studio Bud Vases, 6) Dipped Pink Bud Vase, 7) Three Piece Hat Trick Bud Vases, 8) Bud Ceramic Vases, 9) Tessa Vase, 10) Bottle Bud Vases, 11) Brass Test Tube Vases, 12) Bottle Vases with Wood Holder, 13) Etched Glass Vase, 14) Cloche Bud Vase, 15) Ink Well Bud Vase, 16) Enamel Vase, 17) Black Small Bottle Vase, 18) Persian Blue Bud Vase, 19) Translucent Bubble Vases, 20) Concrete and Copper Bud Vases, 21) Enamel Vases, 22) Bright Ceramists Vases,


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